Andon Lamp with Asanoha Pattern

Andon Lamp

I just finished this Andon Lamp, my first. Its made out of pine, and the ordinary character of the lumber was not making me terribly excited about what the finished lamp would look like. And in the daylight it is okay, not great, but turn on the lamp and the glow is magical. It doesn’t put out a great deal of light through the shoji paper, but the mood of this piece I love.

Andon Jigumi

The pattern work for these lamps is quite intricate and time consuming, leaving me wondering if there’s actually anyone out there who would pay for it what it is worth. I actually made it for a friend’s birthday, so I’ll use it as a test case for packing and shipping.

Andon Lamp 2

What do you think? I’m already designing the next one in my head. I can see looking at the market of other people who make this stuff that I need to be able to execute the diamond and hexagonal jigumi to set myself apart.

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  1. Beautiful work! Just discovered your blog, and great to see your interest in Japanese woodworking, one of my passions as well (as amateur). If you don’t mind, I added your site to a blog-aggregator I created,, hopefully it’ll help others discover your work.

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