Fuigo Fun Shou Sugi Ban

I’ve been wanting to show the fuigo in operation, but have yet to get a dark enough work space set up to judge metal temperature. How about some shou sugi-ban? Needs to be done outdoors anyway. The mass production way to use this technique is with a large propane torch, but there’s something special about a large hot chunk of metal.  After shooting this video I used the last of the forge fuel in the fire-pot to cook a hot dog. Bon Appétit!

Did I mention that I can’t stand the sound of a shop-vac blower? This fuigo is bliss.

3 thoughts on “Fuigo Fun Shou Sugi Ban”

  1. I was hoping to see the hotdog at the end 🙁

    It looks like a seriously massive air blower, and I love the rhythmic tic-tac of the valves. Wood looks great too, that’s a finish that was somehow fashionable in the chilean furniture of the 50s or so, but I never liked to have a black table in your living room. What are you making with the planks?

    Really beautiful fuigo, congrats again for it.

  2. I do love a shou Sugi ban finish, the Koreans have a fun little technique of layering blackened and white wood and cutting them and layering again and then sawing strips off, creating a wildly attractive edge veneer banding. Time for me to plan a fuigo build;)

  3. Took me a while to figure out what you were doing here. The beautiful box represents what a bellows would do in a forge I suppose…blow air in the fire. I’m not a fan of burnt wood finishes, but the video of the process is very interesting. Caro watched too. Again, you have a lot of patience that will surely pay off in dividends for you one fine day.

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