Adding the Back


A dial caliper is a handy tool for finish planing the cabinet partitions such that they fit their grooves.  I didn’t cut the interior shelf partitions for this cabinet until the main carcass was assembled, so there was no way to manually check the fit of the panel to the groove, I find the dial caliper more accurate in any case.


The trick with fitting these panels is that they are snug enough to fit securely, but loose enough to basically just barely be able to push in by hand. Too tight and you end up bowing out the adjacent panels, so I had my straight edge to check the middle horizontal shelf for deflection as the verticals were put in place.


This is one of those times I’m glad to have such a large shooting board, it could in fact be larger, but I worked around the short length by flipping the panel.


Inserting the final shelves you can see that the shelf is held by the stopped dado at the front and the nailed cabinet backing in the rear.


These last horizontal partitions were set slightly back from the verticals so that the edge chamfering could be continuous, a small detail but a nice one. Also, they were cut from one run of joined paneling so that the grain flows properly between divisions.


And then the modern age intruded with my 18 gauge nailer to put the tongue and groove pine back on.










Today my challenge is to make the three small sliding doors, and tomorrow is finishing and the caster wheels for the bottom if I can find where UPS left the package, sometimes its a bit of an easter egg hunt if its been snowing and they don’t want to plow through the snow on the driveway.

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