Video of the File Making Process

I’ve been busy churning out files mass production style.

Haha, just joking. This is hand work, and every yasuri I produce I learn something. Sorry my hands are so bandaged and dirty…this switch to metal work has me finding new and creative ways to abuse my finger tips, but the work must go on!

Believe you me, I’d love to have an annealing kiln, power hammer, rolling mill, known steel, and a molten salt bath for hardening. But as I see it half of the point of this endeavor is using very simple tools. Enjoy!

Heard of Auriou rasps? Still stitched by hand. This video shows a lot of important parts of the production process.  I’ve made a couple of rasp punches, its really straight forward, but the guys in this video are very practiced hands.




One thought on “Video of the File Making Process”

  1. Nice site, great info. I have found that If you put a softwood block under the file blank to absorb the hammer blows you can avoid the blank slipping down in the vice jaws.

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