Making a Journey in Search of Woodcraft


Last Saturday evening I set off from Colorado in my 6.5 Liter diesel GMC Sierra pickup truck for a two-thousand mile drive to Springfield, VT, to dwell a spell with metate Mark Grable and help him build a forge. I was still surprisingly lucid when I arrived after driving for two days, finding Mark in good spirits, both welcoming and gracious, with lots of good conversation about woodworking. There’s a giant stack of hemlock to be worked for the forge frame, but before we can get to that, how about a deck with black locust posts?


I’m definitely going with the flow, trying to see with eyes wide open and not constantly ask too many questions. Mark had a saw to work on today and its raining in a steady downpour so I’ve taken the opportunity to drive into Springfield proper and find a good internet connection. There’s a lot of work to be done, rest assured that after I get fully recuperated from my travels I’ll be in a mind to take plenty of good pictures and describe the work to come!


The property Mark’s on is located near the top of the valley that overlooks Springfield, its a totally different environment from my home in Colorado, but the mountain views give me a sense of the comforts of home. I hope everyone out there is finding the work that they want to do and is in a place that inspires them to take the time to make something beautiful!

2 thoughts on “Making a Journey in Search of Woodcraft”

  1. The wandarer traveled, many miles on his horse of metal and fire;
    he traveled far, through mountains and plains, under blue skys and whirling clouds;

    over smooth, over rough, surely his vehicle was tough.

    The wanderer finally pushed past the last mile. The dusty roads behind him said their farewells as his engine purred into silence. His heart gave the sounding of a snare drum as he opened his door, and put foot to earth-

    and greeted the man before him.

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