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Looking for shoji screens for your home or office? I am currently accepting work on a commission basis in the Northern Colorado area, from Cheyenne to Denver. My shoji are handcrafted using traditional Japanese tools and joinery techniques.

To help me make an awesome set of shoji that will bring you the most satisfaction you should have in mind the following information:

-How do you want to use your shoji? In addition to being a great way to divide a space shoji are highly versatile, and can be use to cover windows, ceiling lights, even as an outdoor screen to frame the view around a patio or hot-tub.


-How complex of a pattern do you want? There have been many styles of kumiko (wooden lattice work) developed over the centuries of shoji’s evolution. The complexity of the pattern roughly dictates the per panel cost starting around $500 USD.


-What species of wood do you like? Some good choices among what is locally available include Basswood, Yellow Cedar, CVG Douglas Fir, and Cherry. I am currently trying to source a supply of local blue stain beetle kill heartwood from sawyers local to the Livermore Valley.


The traditional finish for shoji is from a hand plane, though I will apply a hand rubbed oil finish to the frame only for an additional cost. There are also a myriad of choices for papering your shoji, from durable patterned acrylic sheet appropriate for the out of doors, to standard professional grade paper, durable laminates, and 100% kozo.


I do all of the installation work as well, no sub-contracting and thus no shipping out of my local area with the exception of andon lamps.  Its the only way that I can guarantee the work is finished properly and gives many years of durable trouble free service.

If your vision is clear all the other details and an estimate of project cost can be determined on the basis of a personal consultation in my shop or at your home or office.

Contact me through the comments section below or through my email, grdwiggins@gmail.com

My shop is located in the mountains NW of Fort Collins, Co

12343 W. County Rd 74E                                                                                         Livermore, CO 80536

Thanks, Gabe Dwiggins


6 thoughts on “Ordering Shoji”

  1. If you’re still looking for a source of beetle kill I know of a good guy but he is s little far in Trinidad.

    His Facebook page ishttps://m.facebook.com/cdkconstruct/


  2. Thanks for a great web site ! I am a furniture maker
    In central Massachusetts and the owner of artisan lumber. Perhaps you can help me with a problem. I can not locate a dovetail plane ANYWHERE. Jay van Arsdale pointed me at your site and I am glad he did.
    To make a long story short can you help me locate
    One of these planes? Or I would be happy to pay you to make one. ? I am friends with a lot of people both here and in Japan who are conversant with this tool and no one seems to be able to help. I use tapered sliding dovetails constantly and need this tool. Kudos to you for developing the skills that require three disciplines in Japan.

  3. Any suggestions for a source for shoji-style lamps…specifically wall sconces and light bar for a couple of bathrooms. Cherry Tree Design in Bozeman, Montana used to terrific ones, but they now do screens only.

  4. Hello – we are putting together a save in Denver of similarly themed artists and merchants, including Japanese antique furniture and ceramics, and contemporary art, we thought your shoji products could be a good fit. If this sounds of interest to you, please call me and we can talk about the details. Thanks, Pete / East West Designs xxx-xxx-xxxx

  5. Hi. Looking for a reference source for sharpening, in particular SHARPENING THE MAEBIKI-OGA. thank you and your blog is phenomenal. Regards, Matt

    1. Thanks Matt,
      Let me know if you have any questions. I’m no expert, but I’ll share what I know. And if there’s enough of us out there we might just learn something together.

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